A Great Start

So far the college life is amazing. I have so many new friends and more than enough things to keep me occupied on my days off from school. Last week I had Tuesday off and went out with a cute guy from Paddington escort agency. The week before that I hit up a couple of clubs that were absolutely amazing. I really don’t think I could have picked a better college to go to in the sense of education and location. I have had some friends try to convince me to go to their school because it’s closer to home and them, but I really love the atmosphere here. I’ve made to many friend to give up the life I have made here. Sometimes leaving things behind is a good choice in life.

Wedding Plans

I was invited to my neighbors wedding and I was so excited, I knew it would be a great time! She knew ahead of time that I had to work late so I would only be able to attend the reception. I was going by myself so I was hoping to pick up a complete stranger for the night. The dinner was excellent and I am sure it was quite expensive. The band was playing and I was just getting into the romantic mood. I went up to the bar probably about 15 times and I was getting a little drunk.

A woman approached me at the bar and asked me if I would like to dance, of course I did. My plans ended up working out just as planned because I left with her after the wedding. I had never been with a London escorts companion, she was beautiful and great at what she did that night!

Not What I Wanted

I deeply expressed my feelings about my wife and I’s relationship to her last night over dinner. I can’t take all the arguments any more and I needed to fill her in on exactly how I felt. We have spent the last nine months or more bickering about eachothers horrible past and how many pet peeves we have about one another. Unfortunately the conversation did not go as I had planned. After discussing our marriage problems with her, including the incident with the Leeds escorts, she got up and left the house. This morning she came back home to pack all of her personal things. I couldn’t help but feel numb when she finally walked out for the last time. As much as I will miss her, I know this will be beneficial in the long run.

My Three Boys

I have three boys who are all over the age of 18, so I am very used to crude talk and jokes that are not in the least bit funny. Last weekend all three boys were at the house and they thought it would be hilarious to play a little joke on me. My oldest son John brought a young lady to the house with him and proceeded to tell me he was getting married after only dating her for a week. I was very shocked and let them both know how appalled I was at the situation. After letting me stay irritated for almost a hour, John told me the girl was just from Munich escorts and it was all a big joke. Honestly I did not find humor in any of this, but all three of them definitely did. From now on I am going to take every little thing they say with a grain of salt.